My Wolf King - Rose Wynters

My Wolf King is a sultry mix of romance and action. Carole Ann is our main curvy heroine, she's 31 and recently divorced. Hoping to start life over again, Carole Ann moves out to her great-uncles cabin in the woods. This is where she meets our hero, Alexander. Alexander is the king of the wolves, multimillionaire and serious stud. Alexander and Carole Ann are seriously attracted to each other, might even be some love in there, but past hurts may lead to rocky waters. The bad guys in this book are nasty sadistic panthers and one seriously peeved shewolf!

I enjoyed this book, it kept a great pace, there wasn't any lingering. I thought Carole Ann was a great lead, she was a strong an semi-confident woman that blooms as the book progresses. It's a sweet idea to show woman of all sizes can be loved and give love in return, its the inside that counts. Alexander sometimes felt alphaish but swayed every so often.

I'd recommend this book to anyone that enjoys paranormal romance and of course for people who like a curvier heroine.

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