How The Wolf Lost Her Heart - Sarah Brownlee

How The Wolf Lost Her Heart was a fun and exciting read. I felt like I was on a futuristic adventure with Skye moving through the streets of London. It was intense to see the world building and how it differs from current times, between the gangs running the streets and peoples "tags", it was unique. I also found the idea of how a person got a "spirit animal" to be intriguing, and how "spirit animals" came to be. I liked the fact some science was thrown in there, it wasn't a natural biological adaptation.

Our main heroine Skye is a young woman, she's fiercely independent with a quick temper and shaky self-esteem. I found her to be lovable, she's like any other 18 year old girl, she's still unsure of herself. Skye hides the fact she's got a spirit animal, she's afraid of being rejected again because of it. To her it seems more like an unwanted condition like acne at the beginning, even though she relies on her wolfs strength at times. Our hero is Raphael, a guy in his 20s who happens to also have a spirit animal. Raphael wants everyone to know he's capable of becoming something more, he doesn't hide it. He's also extremely popular with the ladies and feared by many.


I enjoyed the book, I can definitely see this becoming a series easily. There were a lot of original ideas blowing around through the story. I'd recommend to anyone who likes fantasy, dystopia, some romance and of course shifters.