Obsessions - Bryce Evans

Obsessions was actually a really awesome and unique story, I had a lot of fun reading it. It's like one of those rare gems that once you find it you go all "my precious" on it. I was delighted by the idea of a "shifter" only city and said city being run by several different types of shifters. I thought the mixture of different types of shifters all living together was a cool and cohesive idea, normally there all kept apart.

The story mainly revolves around best friends London and Zoey, and of course Zoey's big brother Ryder. I enjoyed the changing points of view and then a couple full pages detailing Ryder and Londons perspective. Zoey and London are wonderfully written, I can actually picture them as people, which rarely happens with PNR stories. Both these women represented their age brackets well, London personified the tougher type of gal, while Zoey was softer and needed more of a helping hand. Ryder both intrigued and annoyed me. The supporting characters were all well fleshed out, I could easily see how this group works.

Now for the bad guys, they were just totally hate-able. When I read about them I honestly thought it was a mash up of Cruella de Vil married the Governor from the walking dead, because it's a hubby and wife combo! They were so two faced and evil, ugh! Perfect bad guys for this story!

I'd definitely recommend this book to shifter and paranormal lovers. The story was well written, it had an easy flow about it. Nothing was really rushed relationship wise, it slowly developed and then exploded;) I'd definitely read more from this author.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review via LoP on goodreads.com