Light My Fire - G.A. Aiken

Light My Fire was a wonderfully written book with tons of humor in every chapter. I really laughed my butt off reading this book. Nearly all of the characters were witty and sarcastic. If I wasn't laughing while reading this story, I was definitely smiling.

The main story arc is about Celyn finding his mate, but the story is just so much more than that. You get multiple things happening at once in this book that involve Celyns family and their world. However, everything ties in together and has purpose, theres no wasted lines here. It's not just your basic paranormal romance story, you get a real depth that you'd normally have to read an urban fantasy book to get.

The main characters of this story are either human or dragons, and inadvertently they're all related to someone. There's definitely a family element, because you get to learn about the parents, siblings,children, aunts and uncles, and of course grandparents. There wasn't one character I did't like because they were all so well written.

This is a definite recommend, it's a great story with lots of fun,action, adventures. I also enjoyed the fact none of the women in this story were weak-they're all strong and crazy;)!

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.