Trace of Magic: The Diamond City Magic Novels (Volume 1) - Diana Pharaoh Francis

Strong start to a new series!I'm split between calling this an urban fantasy, but it's got a lot of the paranormal romance elements as well. You have very strong world building along with great mystery that usually you only find in an urban fantasy. However, you've also got a good deal of romance which is more PNR. It's just a good mash-up, the storyline always stays in focus though.The world building was pretty awesome, from the inventiveness of the talents, to the bad guys and beyond it had a very original feel to it.

Riley is a strong heroine with a smart@ss streak I do appreciate. She has a bit of a tragic past which of course fuels her to save children from monsters, and keeps her stuck in the city. Clay is a detective that plays both sides of the fence, he's not really good or bad, but lingers in the middle. He irked me, he was kinda a jerk the entire book so he didn't win any points there. I think the most interesting character would have to be Price, he's got a twisted past and serious mob connections which ranks him up there.

Altogether, I really enjoyed this story. I thought it was a great start to a series and look forward to reading the upcoming books. I'd recommend it to fans of Jaye Wells and Kim Harrions, and those who like a kick of romance.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.