Intriguing Urban Fantasy

Dark Watcher - Lilith Saintcrow

I thought this was a pretty interesting read, it sorta reminded me of a mash up of The Hollows meets the Black Dagger Brotherhood, but ixnay on the vampires. I really liked the fact that Theo was more fun and caring, while Dante was more in charge. Usually Saintcrow's heroines are more on the tougher side, this was a nice change-up. I also thought the singing and talking to herself was kinda funny, it helped break up some of the more serious parts.

The story itself was very intriguing, because normally "witches" aren't that scarce in the Urban fantasy or paranormal romance genre. The fact that they're actually hunted down by evil foes as almost a food source is pretty creepy, and original. So, the story basically follows Dante desperately trying to protect Theo from said baddies. He kinda gets attached to her and doesn't wanna see her turned into a snack. However, Theo isn't really into trusting the guy she just met, specially when she thinks about her past.

I'm going to classify this as more a short story since it's only 186 pages. I really enjoyed it, and felt like the world developed as you would expect it to within this short amount of time. I think if there would have been any more packed into this story it would have been almost too much, so I'm happy about what's included. Sometimes less is more. As for the romance, I felt it was more believable because it wasn't really rushed or overly intense. I'd recommend this to others into the Urban fantasy genre.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.