First in the Weathermages of Mystral series

The Winter King - C.L. Wilson

I really enjoyed the Winter King, I usually don't read fantasy, but this definitely surprised and delighted me. I really liked Khasmin, she's a very strong young woman that despite the lack of love she received growing up is still able to love the people around her. She definitely didn't fall into the TSTL category, she was a bit irrational at times, but quickly would come up with plans to get herself outta trouble. The Winter King himself is a tad crazy, which you'll totally see and understand as the story unfolds. Even though he's a nutter, he's still a good man that definitely can hold your attention.


I thought the wold Wilson created was wonderful and creative, it basically reminded me of the middle ages an how the world was broken apart by different Kingdoms, with magic being an every day occurrence. I did have trouble with the periodic veer from the storyline, it tried my patience a bit. Some of the scenes weren't really needed and just took away from the story. I would have liked more time spent with the couple together rather than being with side-characters, but I can understand why it was written like that. I can honestly say though, what happened towards the end of the book totally took me by surprise, I didn't expect it to end the way it did. So, I give major props for that. 


Even with these few hiccups, it's still a great first in the series and I'm looking forward to the second book. I'd definitely recommend this book, it's pretty long, but so is The Lord of the Rings.