Rogue by Rachel Vincent

Rogue - Rachel Vincent

Faythe is back with more attitude an reason to prove she's more than just a baby maker. She wants to prove that she can run with the boys and take down the baddies. Instead of accepting her place in her pride she makes a deal to become a female enforcer. Her job is far more serious than Faythe seems to understand which gets her into trouble. Not only does her lack of concern for whats going on in the present start creating problems but past transgressions have surfaced. Unfortunately for Faythe she may not be able to claw herself out of this situation. 

Rogue was much better than the first book in this series, but still felt iffy. I felt like the story was dragging along as I waited for something interesting to happen. The beginning was pretty slow and a lot of the mystery was kinda connect the dot from the first book, so there weren't any huge shockers. The ending is pretty much what bumped this book from a three to a four for me coupled with the fact this world revolves around feline shifters. I noticed that with these books you have to wait till at least the second half of the book to finally get some real action and drama. So, if your into the building of suspense/ waiting, you'll probably like this story.