Arc Review of Drowning In The Dark by Pippa DaCosta

Drowning In The Dark - Pippa DaCosta

Every time I read a book from the Veil series I'm always blown away. I can never fathom how DaCosta can constantly out do herself and surprise me over, and over, and over again. This book is not only action packed, but it's one your gonna invest your emotions in as well. It's hard to find a book like this that puts you through the emotional ringer with the character your reading about. I promise you this isn't one of those series that you read and forget about, it definitely sticks with you. Now onto the review!

So, quick recap of Darkest Before Dawn, basically Muse was on her own trying to protect the lil halfblood girl Dawn which may not have ended so well. Muse was also drowning in her soullock with her previous master, she was starting to unravel but refused to take help from Akil. Akil and Stefan had made it back from beyond the Veil, both changed in polar ways. One of the big baddie guys was killed and the blame was laid at Muses feet. All that is important to keep in mind while reading Drowning In The Dark because nearly every event from that book is still in play in this one.

In Drowning In The Dark, Muse is essentially being eaten alive from the inside out by her soullock. She's becoming mad and slowly slipping away with every page. She knows it, she fears it, but is she willing to trade one foreign monster inside her for another? Muse has really developed into this person who respects life and cherishes people which is a far cry from who she use to be. Even though she's just a halfblood she see's herself as human now. She's found worth in herself. She's fighting to save the people she loves, all the people of Boston and a few demons she just couldn't live without. She's the Mother of Destruction so step off.

Akil and Stefan play a huge part in this book. One falls while another rises.

Akil has been warped by Muse and his experiences in the human world. He can no longer claim to be the evil man he once was. He's starting to feel which kinda makes him sexier. Yes, the evil guy with a heart is just sexy and you know it. Akil is going to have to decide whether he will stand with the other princes and lay waste to the world, or be the man that Muse deserves. However, can a demon in sheeps clothing truly feel anything other than hate, greed and lust?

Stefan has stepped it up in this book, he's still evil, but fighting to reclaim his soul. Unlike Muse, Stefan was raised by the Institute, where his existence was essentially a means to an end. He was trained to hunt and kill demons without much thought. The world was suppose to be black and white, and his demon was suppose to be buried deep inside. Now that the demon is out Stefan doesn't want to lock him back up, he's fully surrendered himself to it. Stefan has become a bad@ss monster that scares the panties off other demons. The good thing is though he's finally decided what he wants Muse for. Might not be so good for her though...

I'm not going to give anything more away about this book, if youve read the previous books and the synopsis you have an idea of whats to come. At least that's what you think. Haha.

I loved this book. It's just...amazing? I'm not sure I can put into words my feelings on this book and how awesome it really is. I think though it really has surpassed all other works done by DaCosta. I'm amped up and ready to read the final book in this series after Drowning In The Dark. The ending of this book has me going crazy with curiosity. I'd recommend this book to any adult without a second thought. If you don't read Urban Fantasy, well you better start. Afraid of demons? Get over it. This book is a must read.

I received an ARC copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.