ARC Review: Hidden Huntress

Hidden Huntress: Malediction Trilogy Book Two - Danielle L. Jensen

First, let me just say that this book is extremely different from the first, "Stolen Songbird". The pace of this book is much,much slower which can become kinda tiresome as you read. Where the first book was focused more on the action and escape from Trollus, this one focuses on the hunt of Anushka. Now here's the thing, while the book is much slower, we get so much character development and shifting of ideas it easily makes up for that lull in action.

The book is broken into two points of view, as the first one was as well, however this time Tristan takes center stage. Tristans portion of the book primarily focuses on his failures in Trollus, and of course he fixates on all the deaths he's caused. Ceciles POV focuses on the hunt of Anushka and the aftermath of her choices.

Cecile and Tristans relationship kinda takes a weird left turn in this book. Of course, their relationship in the other book was a bit stretched but this book really focused on that. Bottom line is they both love each other and are bound, BUT one of them may be willing to turn their back and walk away forever. I'll just tell ya though, the ending for these two in this book is satisfying. Kinda did a air punch over the excitement. ;)

I know a few other people mentioned the predictably of this book, and I believe it was written like that for a reason. This book seems to have been written to bridge the gap between the first book and the third, and believe me, you wanna hang around for the third. Some of what comes to pass in this book you could have already figured out in the first book which is okay because the point of this one was to show the emotional and characteristic change in all of the characters. You needed to see that snap back to reality and shift in perspectives to appreciate this storyline.

The other biggie in this book is the idea of friendship and love. It really shows the strength of friendship and how those people become our family. Through bad and good, real friends stick by you if you're willing to admit your mistakes and apologize, which this book really emphasizes. I thought that was a pretty fantastic message to throw in there specially since this is a YA book.

So to sum it up, I really like this book but there were things that I took issue with. Do I think it's as good as the first one? Not entirely, but that's because this book deals with the emotional side rather than romance an action based plot from the first. Like I said before, it's a bridge between the first book and the upcoming third. Was it predictable? Yup, but it's predictable for a reason. As a reader you can not appreciate who Anushka is and how that emotionally screws everyone up until you see the characters reactions. Do I love trolls? Duh. Will I read the next one? Without hesitation.