Angelstone - Hanna Peach

I really enjoyed Angelstone, it picked up not long after the first book ended. Alyx has developed even more as a character and grown a lot in this book. She's starting to think more like an adult than as a teenager. A lot of the other characters developed as well, and some have a bigger role in Angelstone. I'm totally all for Alyx and Jordan hooking up, I don't think Israel is good enough for her. You get a better idea of what a freethinker is, and how their world works. Also, the plot becomes more complicated because more POVs are introduced. You get most of the story from Alyxs prospective, but some of the story is told in short chapters by the "bad guys". I really enjoyed the fact that there were multiple issues going on at once, your not bombarded by things, but it definitely holds your attention. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for something with some romance, adventure, and paranormal with some mystery.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)