Gabriel - Chris Lange

I really enjoyed this short story about Calista and Gabriel. I totally got a kick outta Calista, she's pretty independent and headstrong. Finding out what a gelder is and how it fits into the world was really fascinating. It's definitely a new concept, specially how it works, and it's not just a female gift. I thought Gabriel was awesome, he really is a alpha with a big heart. Learning about his background and how he became a vampire broke my heart. I cheered this couple on the entire story, they most definitely belong together, and nothings gonna get in the way of that. As for Spade, I thought he was a tool, and was disgusted by him. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who loves vampires, romance+sex, some action and a spin on vampires.

I'd like to thank Chris Lange for giving me a copy of this ebook! :)