Midsummer Knight: A Short Story (Fae of Calaveras) - Kristen S. Walker

I really enjoyed the story from Ashleigh's perspective. It was very neat to see how she perceived her friends and how she reacted to them as she weaved her tale. Ash is definitely a girl who is torn between hoping for a different life and trying to remain on the path her mother has chosen for her. I really admired Ash in this short because she wasn't willing to lose Glen or give up on him, even though she didn't love him. Midsummer Knight definitely helps to fill out the Calaveras world.

This short revolves around Ash trying to rescue Glenn and help him before it's too late. Ash finds out that not everybody loves and want's the best for the future count. She's the only one that can help him, and that's what she's gotta do.

I received this short ebook in exchange for an honest review from Kristen Walker.