Strange Angels, and even stranger vampires!

Strange Angels - Lili St. Crow, Lilith Saintcrow

Dru is a teen girl who's use to moving from place to place with her dad, kicking butt an taking names. When Dru moves to a new town, she thought it would be the same as always, do their business and move on, but not this time. Dru's being tracked by someone or something and needs all the help she can get. Secrets about who and what she is start to change her world. Dru has always been into the "supernatural world" hunting with her dad and knowing things exist, but now she's one of them. For the first time she needs to be rescued, even if she doesn't wanna admit it. 

This is a great book, it has vampires, dhampirs and werewolves, among other things. It's an original idea for sure, specially for the YA genre. Dru isn't a girly girl and she's not a weakling, she's a serious butt kicker for sure. Definitely a book to read if your into vampires but don't want a silly heroine.