Loving Their Vixen Mate (Pack Wars Book 4) - Vella Day

Loving Their Vixen Mate was an awesome story with love, mystery, suspense and action. The story starts out introducing our heroine Mac as a panicked mess because her cousin has been missing for weeks. She decides to go and find her, which is how she ends up in Florida searching around for clues. In Florida, Mac learns not everything is what it seems and that a lot more is going on than just her missing cousin. On this adventure, Mac meets her mates by accident and the story takes off from there.


Mackenzie is half human an half werewolf, she lives in Indiana, staying clear of any and all other weres. She's also a PI and brilliant hacker. She's a wonderfully strong and clever heroine, she's not strong or fighting skilled so she uses her brain. Her mates are Sam and Brandon, who happen to be cousins. Brandon is a sweetie and a thinker, while his cousin same is definitely more the alpha and rougher one.


The sex scenes in this book are hot,hot,hot! If you don't like menage or aren't curious about it, I'd suggest skipping scenes or not bothering. I think the story just by itself is definitely worth a read! Even though this is the fourth in a series, its a standalone book. I haven't read the previous one, but had no problem following this one at all.

This is a sexy fun book that's definitely worth reading. ;)