Grizzly (The Realm, #1) - Bonnie Bliss

Grizzly was definitely not what I was expecting when I originally read the blurb, it was about a thousand times better!! I absolutely loved the mix of modern and medieval throughout the book. The mash up of characters was also fantastic. 


Grizzly is about a geeky girl named Sorscha who lives at home with her parents, and works as IT security for her families company. Sorscha is protected by William, her totally hot and bad@ss protector, who appears to hate her. Sorscha doesn't know she's not really human, her parents are normal and that her bodyguard has alternative motives for acting as if he hates her. 

 Sorscha is twenty-three, single and totally obsessed with fantasy. She loves everything from Doctor Who to Lord of the Rings. Her bodygaurd, William is a grouchy hottie, and he's out of this world:). There are other various characters from "cursed" warriors, fae queens, and nasty orcs and necromancers. 


I don't wanna give to much away, so this is what your getting;) Read the book, it's awesome. Lots of sex,action and wisecrackin. The shifters have dirty mouths and act like real men, theres no mushy gushy pushover guys here. 


This is definitely 18+

I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)