Dreams (Sapphire Springs) - Savannah Morgan

In the beginning of the story you get to meet Kylie and her son Jamie, along with Devin, which explains to you what's all goin on there. Kylie and Devin have been in love with each other FOREVER, but neither one wanna act on it for various reasons. When sparks start to fly, Jamie's real daddy Allen rolls into town looking to get back into their lives. However, Devin doesn't care he wants Kylie and Jamie as his own and is willing to do whatever it takes to get them back. As the story progresses you get to see how twisted Allen really is and what he really wants from Kylie. 

Dreams is now one of my favorite books, as a person who pretty much only reads books with elements of fantasy, this is saying a lot. I loved the interactions between all of the characters, there was so much fun and wit being thrown around it really helped to flesh out the story. Kylie was definitely my kinda girl, she was sweet and responsible, but had that strong wild streak. She was able to be an awesome mom even after everything that had happened to her. Devin as the main hero was wonderful, he really is the ideal alpha, he's sweet and attentive, but possessive like a Bear:P! You get to meet some of Devin's brothers and how big of a part they play in our heroines life. The overall feeling of family was a wonderful undertone for this story, it really shows how people come together. Allen is definitely the villain, and he is probably the most evil character I've ever read about. Mrs. Morgan does a fabulous job playin with your emotions as you read about these characters, because they feel so real, it's incredible! 

Yes, there is some insanely hot sex scenes in this book, I give you an A+ for creativity. It's definitely 18+ story though. 

This story is more than just about some hot sex, it shows how cruel and twisted some people can be, but how strong and resilient the human mind is, specially when your so loved. It has an awesome plot with plenty of twists that'll leave you surprised and horrified as you read. As Savannah Morgans first book, I was blown outta the water, the writing in Dreams was definitely above anything I would suspect a new writer to achieve.