Reaper's Touch - Eleri Stone

Abby is a ranger, she's immune to the "reaper" parasite, her job is to track down and kill reapers. Reapers are like zombies. These reapers though, have a mind, they're able to tactically work together and ambush people, so way smarter than zombies. Think of them like frenzied cannibals who are essentially immortal. Only men become reapers, the parasite just instantly kills women, which is a total bummer. 

Abby our heroine is about 27, she's very thickheaded and has bull-eyes painted on her for attracting danger. She's pretty rare, women reapers are pretty much unheard of, because of this she gets stuck doing a messenger job for her unit, which is how she meets Jake. Abby and Jake are kinda an amusing pair, they definitely play off each other through the book. You have other characters such as Doc, Lyle, Capt and of course the evil scientists! All of them have their own personality which comes through with their interactions with Abby. 

Reaper's Touch is definitely a paranormal romance, it's very sweet. It actually reminds me of beauty and the beast to be honest, but it has so many more layers going on. I really enjoyed the story from start to end, I finished it in a sitting. It's a fun mix of cowboy wild west meets walking dead, cept you don't have any annoying characters you'd like to kill off, other than the bad guys;). I really was leery about this book because of the whole zombie thing, but there wasn't anything disgusting or horrific really mentioned. The story was extremely strong and the focus was definitely on the plot, not much emphasis on the romance part. There was no insta-love, it developed over time. 

I'd definitely read more of Abby and Jake if another book comes out. I'd think this book would be fine for anyone over 16, theres nothing particularly sexual going on and nothing is in great detail. It's more like cutesy kisses and mention of sex, thats bout it. You see worse on TV.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)