Alpha Wolf (Black Mesa Wolves) - J.K. Harper

The Alpha of the Black Mesa pack has made a huge decision regarding rogue wolfs, which will affect the entire pack. It's up to Sara and Rafe to make sure no one is harmed and all rules are being followed. At the same time, Sara is having a strange reaction to Rafe, and doesn't know how to handle it. 
This book is all about Sara and Rafe, two guardians for the Black Mesa pack. Sara is a young flirty wolf just trying to prove herself to the pack. She doesn't want commitment, she wants fun, and to be the best. Sara's trying to become the mature woman that'll gain everyone's respect and admiration by being the best guardian. Rafe is the Alphas son, and soon to be alpha himself. He's the top guardian, calm and patient, which makes him wiser than most. His hardest mission yet is to try to capture Sara's attention. You get to see more pack interaction in this book, and see more of Rafe's brothers as well.  
I enjoyed it, it's a cute fun read. I think it's definitely better than the first story, there's just so much more story packed into the book. Definitely recommend to shifter and PNR lovers. ;)
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