Hunting Wolf: Black Mesa Wolves #3 - J.K. Harper

Hunting Wolf features Caleb and Rielle's story, an all of the battles they have to fight to be together. Caleb is the alphas son, and pack guardian. He's acts like a caveman and believes he can solve all his problems with his paws,claws and fangs. Rielle is pretty much the opposite of most of the she-wolves in her pack. She's the pack historian, and pretty much shuns her wolf side. She lives in town and avoids the wolves of her pack, preferring to interact with humans. Besides the developing relationship between Caleb and Rielle, the rogues are back in full force attacking packmates and sneaking around. Caleb's buttons are being pushed to the max and he may just snap on Lucas for bringing them to his door. 

So far this is definitely my favorite Black Mesa Wolves book. I absolutely love the sweet slow going relationship that Caleb and Rielle are building. It's definitely not a wham bam thank you ma'am thing, it's taking more time to develop. I also love how Caleb isn't what he seems, there's more depth to him that you would initially think. I think it's awesome as well that Rielle isn't the stereotypical she-wolf, she's more soft and human-far more relateable. Plus, you get way more interaction with Calebs parents, the alphas of the pack, and you get some of their pack history, which is neat. I'd definitely recommend to PNR and Shifter lovers. 

I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)on