Claimed by the Demon Knight: Book One - Cryptic Fawn

Elsi is a famous witch, she kicked the Devils ass. Tenuxhal is a demon knight, the king of his kind and the only one left. Claimed By The Demon Knight was an interesting start to a series. I love the possible potential it has, and what could come next. I was definitely wanting more as I read it, but I felt like the book was on a loop. The emotions stayed the same, and the same thoughts just kept being played out. It was also kinda a bummer to be expected to know what happened between Elsi and Tenuxhal as the book progressed, because its brought up multiple times. For the most part, Elsi doesnt want bothered with Tenuxhal, and Tenuxhal wants to verbally torture Elsi and eventually kill her. Oh ya, and Elsi is stuck in hell until she can escape Tenuxhal. 

I'd just consider this a quick paranormal novella, it's great for a freebie, but I'd be seriously disappointed to pay for it. Not enough happens, and there isn't enough headway being made.