Finding the Dragon (Dásreach Council Book 1) - Josette Reuel

Finding the Dragon is basically about a group of male shifters trying to find their mates before its too late, and once they find them having to protect them. This specific story centers around Kai and Alvena, an their specific relationship. Kai has to protect Alvena from the crazy guys who're trying to take her out, but neither one know why she's the target. While all this is going on Kai has to convince Alvena he loves her and that they belong together, even though she doubts him at every turn.

Our heroine is Alvena is a 30 some year old woman, who's a shy bookworm. She's spends most of her time talking with her book buddies online. Her friends Rogue and Nat kinda take a backseat in this story at about the halfway point in this book. Rogue is the playful independent sorta gal, and Nat is the ex-marine who is the mommy of the group. Our hero is Kai, a yummy as sin dragon shifter who's the leader of his people. He's a sweet, thoughtful alpha- he's not overly dominant and possessive like most. You also get a glance at Kai's other brothers in arms;).

Finding the Dragon was a deliciously unique mix of paranormal romance and lore. I LOVED the changing points of view between the characters, which normally I hate. The multiple view points just completed the story, it gave you so much more depth than to just see the story from one persons eyes. I also really enjoyed the different references to books and movies, it added a fun spark of humor. The only negative thing I would have to say about this book is that at certain times you get thumped with too much description, otherwise I think it's awesome.