Wolf Signs - Vivian Arend

Robyn plans on taking a ski trip up in the mountains with her brother, when at the last minute he has to ditch her. Robyns deaf and that scares her brother to pieces, but she doesn't let that stop her from living her life and taking off on her own for skiing. As soon as Robyns settled and comfortable, some unknown skiers come across her path and her life takes a serious left turn from there on. Robyn finds out why she feels so different and distant when it comes to people, and finds a companion she never dreamed of having.

I found this to be a sweet quick paranormal read. I loved the fact that Robyn isn't a pushover or weak, just because she's deaf doesn't mean she can't kick-ass. The characters were all well-rounded and enjoyable. There was a lot of humor,too, which added a lot of fun to the book. I wish more authors could write about gals with unique issues that are still strong and living life. I'd definitely recommend this to all paranormal romance lovers, because I'm going to get the rest of the series.