Curvaceous Condemnation - Rose Wynters

Curvaceous Condemnation was a fun ride through a world filled with demons and the men trying to stop them. This book features the budding relationship between Scarlett and Vincent. Scarlett is a recently windowed woman who desperately needs a change which leads her to New Orleans, and right into Vincents home. Vincent is an endurer who's been dealt a really crappy hand, barely hanging on by a thread he's tasked with protecting Scarlett. That might just be what finally sets this man over the edge.

As always Wynters does a fantastic job with descriptions and making these grotesque creatures real. I always love her writing because she makes realistic heroines, these are women who deal with real issues. Your not gonna find some perfect chick or bad@ss ninja warrior as a heroine, but your gonna get someone you feel for and relate to, which sets her stories over the top. The plot itself is awesome and it's well paced, so your not gonna get bored of the constant action and romance.

This is a curvy erotic story, definitely 18+. I'd definitely recommend.


I received this story in exchange for an honest review.