Every Priest Gets His Day

Delicate Devastation - Rose Wynters

Delicate Devastation was a bit different from the other books in this series, because our love bugs have already met in a previous book, which is a twist. This time around our Priest Peter falls in love with Kim who's essentially a "man eater". After being forgotten and disrespected by her ex-husband, Kim has no respect for men and wants absolutely no relationships with them. Kim herself is a savvy real-estate agent with her own company, she's a smart gal with confidence. On the other hand you have Peter, he wants a soul mate, he wants to be with his one and only, but doesn't think he deserves one at first. Peter's the ultimate good guy with the heart of gold, the dudes made of kindness.

This book is a bit more gruesome than the rest and has a dash more of religious stuff going on because of Peter being a priest. However, I certainty wouldn't say it's over the top, its just part of the book. All this action takes place in New Orleans, your going to see our usual reoccurring cast of endurers mixed with some pretty nasty baddies!

I'd definitely recommend, this is 18+ due to sex scenes. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.