Voluptuous Vindication - Rose Wynters

Voluptuous Vindication is probably the best in the series so far. There was so much depth and extra story being weaved through the book it definitely took it to the next level. A lot of time is spent on developing Ian as a character, and showing the changes this man is going through because of being alive so long, and having to witness true evil. Usually, Ian is depicted as the lighthearted ladies man, he's normally the comic relief. However, in this story he's much darker, he doesn't want to do anything anymore which turns him into an @ss. Unfortunately for Ian he has to quickly snap back to himself or risk losing his soul mate. I wasn't too fond of the heroine, she was a bit too goody-goody, but she's also an angel so she's gotta be;). I really enjoyed the story overall, I especially liked that we got a lot more of Arch appearing, and an introduction of a new endurer.

This is 18+ plus, I'd recommend. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.