Great fantasy read with mystery!

The Fire Seer - Amy Raby

The Fire Seer was a great and original read for me. I really enjoyed the lore that was weaved throughout the story and the building of this world. The changing POV between Taya and Mandir really made this story a whole lot better, seeing through each characters eyes helped to make them feel more alive. I also enjoyed the chapters devoted to the past, which helped to explain the circumstances between Taya and Mandir.

Taya was an interesting heroine, she obviously had a lot of struggles to get over on a daily basis, but didn't falter. It was nice to see a woman in this category that can remain strong, but at the same time can accept help gracefully. I think that's a difficult result to achieve, but the author definitely did it. Mandir is more complex than Taya in a lot of ways, which makes him a bit more endearing to me. Mandir definitely grows in this story, because he's trying to break a cycle. He was an abused lil boy, who turned into a nasty teenager, whom eventually becomes a kinder man. I really appreciated this dynamic, and the fact both characters struggled with where they came from and what they're lacking. It really is what made the story.

The story itself was wonderfully written with a lot of mystery that kept you wanting to know more. I found the mystery to be a bit more complex than what you'd normally find in a fantasy book. I thought that was delightful, normally I can guess "who done it", but with this one I had to wait, which really helped with the anticipation.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story. I'd definitely recommend this to other readers of fantasy, and even history and mystery lovers, cause I think it's that good.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.