Exceptional read!

Nameless: The Darkness Comes - Mercedes M. Yardley

This was an extremely emotional read for me. I'm actually surprised by how much this story got to me. The story itself was actually different than I originally anticipated it to be, which made it so much better. I also have to say it was a really original story. I haven't read any other books quite like this, between the subject an the plot it kept me reading till the end. I literally couldn't stop reading, I didn't put the book down at all, just read straight through.

I loved the dynamic between all of the characters, because they were all damaged in some way, but still capable of loving. I especially liked Mouth, I'm so glad things turned out well for him. I thought Luna was like any stressed out woman desperately trying to get her baby back. I wasn't that fond of Reed though, I thought he was fake.

I'd recommend this book to paranormal an horror lovers.