An addictive series that leaves you wanting more!

Phase Three: Devastate (Territory of the Dead Book 3) - Rose Wynters

First off, this is the best story I've read all year. I know this series is broken down into novellas, but seriously it's amazing. I'm completely addicted to this story, I'm craving to know what happens next. I'm not even sure I have the right words to explain how phenomenal this third part was.

As the story starts out Tabitha an Jayden are still together an going strong. They want to cling to that happiness an are certainly determined to stick together which leads to a HUGE surprise! Everyone seems onboard the Tabitha an Jayden train, but that's really not the case. More survivors are also found, but their revelations just bring about fear an more questions. Tabitha ends up by herself again for awhile! However, this experience is nothing like her time in town, she just might not make it out alive. As for Kellan, well we finally find out what he is, an holy carp is it a curve ball.

I definitely recommend this series. It's incredible. Just give it a chance