This is why I love dragons.

Dragon Actually - G.A. Aiken

Dragon Actually technically is two stories in one book, you have the first story which revolves around Annwyl and Fearghus, while the second half of the book revolves around Rhiannon and Bercelak. I absolutely loved both stories.

Annwyl is a tough warrior princess trying to lead the rebellion against her sadistic brother. Annwyl has had a seriously rough life that includes abuse and poverty, however that hasn't tainted who she is. She's extremely loyal and caring, she only wants to help people and bring peace. I thought Annwyl was an awesome heroine, she was funny and gritty without being over the top. Fearghus is the oldest son of the Dragon Queen, but he shuns his royal lines and prefers to be by himself. He's calm, level headed and incredibly perceptive which makes him a great mate for Annwyl.

Rhiannon and Bercelak are both insane and outragous characters, in a good way. They completely compliment each other and fearlessly rule over their lands an tribe of children. I loved seeing how these two are pushed together and how their relationship evolves as they spend more time with each other.

With both stories you get to see all of the family members which adds such depth to the story, it really is wonderful. The simple interactions and working together really do set this series apart from others. It all feels so natural and nothings forced, they act how most families do with all the teasing and arguments.

I'd definitely recommend this book, it's a great romance with tons of comedy, and of course action. 18+ there are plenty of sex scenes!