One Amazing Troll Story

Stolen Songbird - Danielle L. Jensen

What can I say about Stolen Songbird, other than the fact I freakin love this book! Once I started reading there was no stopping or turning back, I NEEDED to know how this was gonna play out. Usually a young adult book does not pull me in like this, but this one caught me hook,line and sinker! Everyone knows I love faeries, so for this to be about trolls, well my response was sorta like this:
excited photo: excited 2n7ihd-gisellehappy.gif

I really appreciated the fact that there wasn't really any insta-love or obsessive swooning from the heroine. She kept her priorities straight and didn't become a submissive mess for everyone to poke at. The romance slowly budded and showed itself for what it was at the right time, which made it incredibly sweet and real.

Cécile makes for a great heroine, she's got the emotions of a young woman coming into her own, but still shaky with some of her decisions like you'd expect from a 17 year old. The hero, who happens to be a smexy troll prince is Tristan. He's a crafty one, but has a good heart. I also enjoyed some of the minor characters like Marc, and Victoria, an of course the rest of the gang.

I actually felt like the teenagers in this book were actually teenagers, not whiny children or adults trapped in teenage bodies. So my hats of to you, Danielle Jensen! However, now that I've read the first book, I seriously need to know whats gonna happen next. Please don't keep me waiting!

Altogether this was a phenomenal book, I really couldn't ask for a better book, let alone a young adult one.