My Favorite Book Covers This Year

Bound by Fate (Moon Bound Series Book 1) - Mandy Lou Dowson The Legend of the Blue Eyes - B. Kristin McMichael Stone Guardian - Danielle Monsch How The Wolf Lost Her Heart - Sarah Brownlee Cruel Beauty - Rosamund Hodge Finding the Dragon (Dásreach Council Book 1) - Josette Reuel Reaper's Touch - Eleri Stone Wings Of Hope: The Veil Series Prequel - A Muse Urban Fantasy - Pippa DaCosta Phase Three: Devastate (Territory of the Dead Book 3) - Rose Wynters

I'm a reading fanatic, but what draws me in is most definitely the cover, and I think this holds true for most people. Even though I read a lot more on my kindle, the way a book cover looks really does play a huge part in whether or not I'm going to read it. Here's a couple of covers that have really caught my eye, I have read them all and would recommend every single one of them. These covers come from the paranormal genre and there's a mix of adult and YA. Please keep in mind no one has asked me to post this, or post their cover. This is all based on my opinion, and all my wacky tastes! 


My absolute favorite this year is "Bound by Fate" by Mandy Lou Dowson. The vibrant blue really makes the wolves pop and stands out compared to other paranormal romance covers.


Another one that really stands out "The Legend of the Blue Eyes" by Kristin McMichael. Between the light blue font and the pale model, this cover really draws you in and peeks curiosity.


I really, really liked "Stone Guardian" by Danielle Monsch as well. The shadowy gargoyle on the cover back lighted by moonlight is really cool. 


"How The Wolf Lost Her Heart" is a beautiful an unique cover for a young adult series about shifters. 


"Cruel Beauty" by Rosamund Hodge is fantastic, it appears at first like a rose but when you really look at it you see the staircase, which ties into the story. 


"Finding the Dragon" by Josetta Reuel is great, I love the intricate tattoo, it's very eye catching.


"Reapers Touch" by Eleri Stone is just cool, I love the cowboy feel to it. 


"Wings of Hope" by Pippa DaCosta is dark and striking, it reminds me of a painting every time I look at it. 


Lastly, but not least, "Phase Three:Devastation" by Rose Wynter is gorgeous and enticing. The symbolism on the cover really tie into the story and the cover itself is just so different. 


There are at least thirty more covers that I thought were amazing as well, but these are my top picks. A couple others were Dreams by Savannah Morgan, Light My Fire by G.A. Aiken, Jinn and Juice-I loved the cover, but couldn't stand the story; Stolen Songbird by Danielle Jensen and The Winter King by C.L. Wilson.