Darker Christmas Read With Realistic Situations

Home for Christmas: New Adult Holiday Dark Suspense Romance - Emme Rollins

Being that this is the first Emme Rollins book I've ever read, I can honestly say I was thoroughly surprised and delighted by this book. The story itself was very heartbreaking and talks about events that are all to real happening on a day to day basis. Ginny is a young lady essentially on the run and forced to live on the streets. Unfortunately she suffered abuse from her guardian which pushed her to run away, because no one would help her or probably believe her about what was going on. So this story talks a lot about what she has to do to survive and how hard it is. As the story progresses Ginny has to face these wicked men again, but this time she's not all alone. She has Nick to lean on, if she can trust him.

This is definitely an adult story, there are some more descriptive scenes talking about abuse and rape. So be warned if you have a hard time with these types of subjects.

I received this ARC copy in exchange for an honest review from the author.