Blood Assassin-Book 2 of the series

Blood Assassin - Alexandra Ivy

Blood Assassin was awesome for second in a series, it was full of action and angst which really helped play up the story. The story focuses on Serra and Fane as they try to work together to save a missing child and bring justice to evil high-bloods and angry humans. Unfortunately for Serra and Fane they happen to be on a seriously tight deadline to get things done before time runs out an the unthinkable happens.

I really enjoyed seeing the connection between Fane and Serra grow and change as they're pushed together due to dangerous circumstances. Serra has always been in love with Fane, basically since the first moment she saw him she knew she wanted to spend her life with him. Fane has always wanted Serra as well, but she was always too young for him. He always felt the need to play the noble warrior and leave Serra alone, because he felt he could never truly give her what she deserves. This completely changes in this book, Fane decides he's going to have Serra whether she still wants him or not, he's tired of pretending he doesnt love her when she stole his heart long ago. However, Serra's not so easy to give in, which may destroy what she's always wanted most.

The secondary characters were all well developed and fleshed out. Even those with the smallest part still made an impact because they were so well written. The mix of new characters and those from the previous book helped to make this book better than the first. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend.

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.