Indie Book Series I'm Excited For The Beginning of 2015!!

It's true, right now I'm experiencing the madness from waiting on several different series to come out soon! I'm totally curious about what's to come next, and sadly it's affecting my thoughts on other books. What's a girl to do? 


So, what series am I speaking of you may be asking to yourself. Here's what I've got the countdown set for so far:


Secrets by Savannah Morgan which comes out January 27th. This is the second book in her Sapphire Springs series continuing the relationship between Tia and Cole, with the entire Blackthorn clan thrown in for good measure. I love these books because there is NO cliffhangers an you get a good dose of kink. This makes me a happy gal. 


Drowning In The Dark by Pippa DaCosta, this is the fourth book devoted to Muse and from what happened in the previous book, this one will be a serious knock-out if I know Mrs. DaCosta. Release date is ~February 27th!! 


Accepting the Bear by Josette Reuel, which could be out as early as February. This will be her second book in the Dásreach Council series. I loved the first book and can't wait to read Rogue's story now. 


Bound by Revenge by Mandy Lou Dowson, this is the second book in her Moon Bound series. It'll be out January 16th! The story picks up following Donovan on his hunt for his step-mother, seeking justice for all the wrongs shes done against him. 


Ride to Ruin by Eleri Stone, this is the third installment in the Reapers series. There isn't much info out yet on this book, but I'm still excited for it! The pub. date is set for March 23rd on GoodReads.