"I See You"- an Emotional Thriler

I See You - Frantiska Oliver

To begin with my friend approached me about reading this book, and from the little teasers she had shown me I assumed this book was just about a jilted shifter woman looking for a man. Obviously after reading the first two pages and seeing the cover I learned I was extremely mistaken. If I would have known what this book was about in the first place, I probably would have passed on it because abuse is a hard subject to read about, however I'm glad I didn't. For the subject matter that this book encompasses I was surprised how well the author was able to put into words her story and what needed to be said.

"I See You" is essentially about a magical woman who was abused as a child, as you can imagine that damages a part of your soul and pushes her to hunt down monsters out there who go after children. Haven seeks these poor children out and tries to save them by getting close to them as an animal form to collect evidence against their abusers and put a stop to it. However, as it says in the book there are too many children she's unable to help or cant get to them in time, until now. She finds a young girl who reminds her of herself and she does everything it takes to put a stop to the monster hurting her. This sort of throws her into a web of lies and dangerous situations where shes forced to face her own monsters and learn to trust a man.

Overall, I thought this was a well written story and would consider it to be a paranormal thriller/suspense. I would say this is more of an adult story, probably 17+ because the subject of abuse is a difficult thing to read about. It's a lot to take in and it's heartbreaking to read about when it comes down to it. There's not anything too explicit described, but it really is an emotional read.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.