Awesome new series-wonderful Christmas Gift!

Jaxson's Song (Crystal Cove Book 1) - Angie West

First thoughts on this book- Mind Blown! I wasn't sure what exactly to expect when I began this book, I knew it being an Angie West book there were gonna be some paranormal twists in there at least. However! I really wasn't expecting to get into an intricate thriller that would leave me reeling when I finished. The synopsis for this book really doesn't do it any justice, it's so much more than what's described.

I'll start with the obvious, Kate is a twenty-something young lady trying to take care of her younger sister after years of struggling financially and just keeping it together in general. Kate lost her mom when she was eighteen, her dad years before that, at that point Kate had to step up and take care of her fifteen year old sister which was a serious hardship on the girl, but Kate never saw it that way. The story starts a few years after her moms death, this is basically when its time for Kates little sister to start college, luckily and sadly for Kate her aunt passes and leaves her a house. This house though is full of horrible memories not only for Kate, but holds secrets that are crawling at the floorboards to get out. On top of that, someone evil sets his eyes on her.

Now to talk about Jaxson, who happens to be Kate's new neighbor. Jaxson wasn't really a good guy, but he's not really bad either, he kinda floats in the middle. Before becoming Kate's neighbor he was a bookie and involved in several other illegal dealings which landed him in jail- cept' he made a deal. Jaxson is now temporarily free, but to become truly free he needs to help the cops catch a serial killer. The ironic part in all this is that to catch a killer, he's gotta look and act like a lady. Yupp, think manly-man from Brooklyn dressed as a blonde in a chiffon dress. Now let that imagine sink in. Funny right?

Kate and Jaxson's lives quickly become entangled with each other because of an attraction and trust that neither really want but need to face. They also might need each others help to survive.

I would recommend this book, it's definitely a bit of a thriller mixed with paranormal elements. It's got some mystery as well. I liked the pace of the story, it wasn't drawn out, but it was all crammed down your throat either. You learn more an more as the story progresses, but initially you do find out the important stuff as the story gets rolling. It is a multiple POV book, but it mainly stays between Kate and Jaxson. I got this awesome book as a Christmas gift, so thank you:)!