Powerful Fantasy That Pulls You In!

The Boy and the Peddler of Death - Dylan Saccoccio, Falon Alexander-Brink, Virginie Carquin

This book definitely reminds me of the Hobbit story, but instead of the focus on Bilbo its focused on Thorin. Just less orc an gobliny, if you will. I did enjoy it, I thought it was well written and very creative. For a fantasy it was well paced as your being drawn into the story. As with most fantasy novels your going to have a lot of unusual terms and names, which does add to the story, so if your looking for a Bob or a Brittney, your not gonna find it.

The Tale of Onora starts out introducing a man called Woden Caliph who's a nutcase if you ask me. He's bent on destroying people who most would consider "free thinkers". He's a magic user who's ruthlessly destroying kingdoms and entire races of people. This introduction is pretty important because it changes the entire world, which leads into the rest of the story. I'm considering this to be like the prestory, an explaining this because I noticed a few people who weren't sure how this all connected. Woden is the cause for how the world is in Aitheins time.

The story then focuses on a boy called Aithein Shadowlight who's the son of a Nordac royal woman named Olwyn. Aithein leaves his mother though to be trained by his father, and become a more powerful magic user. There are better terms used in the book, but I'm not going to get into that.

If you wanna know what comes next, your going to have to read it for yourself. I'm not gonna give anymore away, I just wanted to clear a few things up;). On a side note, this book does jump POVs so you get a better understanding of the world an story. I don't think its hard to follow, but you do need to pay attention to catch all the little details that connect the dots. That was one of my favorite things in this book, I loved picking up on the subtle hints.

Altogether, I think the author is extremely talented and has a very unique story on his hands. Maybe this will be the next Lord of the Rings or even Wheel of Time story, who knows. Honestly though, I think the descriptions in this book are far better an paint a better picture of whats happening. I'm glad I picked this up, and will probably pick the next one up as well. I'd recommend this to fantasy lovers, and to readers who want a story thats a bit more involved.


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