Great Fantasy Adventure- #2 in the series

The Girl with the Solar Eyes - Dylan Saccoccio, Hilary Merrill, Marco Ivancic

This book took me on quite the ride, there were parts were I was shocked and others I was laughing out loud. For a second in the series, I'm delighted to say that this book was even better than the first. The writing itself was even more inviting than before, the amazing descriptions and wordings just reel you in into this world. I loved the Bannitlarn brothers, they reminded me of the lost boys from Peter Pan, which probably sounds like a funny comparison. These guys are kinda like silly kids living in a harsh world where they need to be able to conquer whatever comes at them. Aithein himself has really changed in this book as well, he's becoming more worldly and sure of himself. In the last book, he was still a kid at heart with plenty of questions that made him seem a bit detached, but that changes.

This part of the story has a lot more mystery to it because the story expands an starts to include an even larger cast. There's also more of an adventure aspect to this book because of the additional story-lines that take you to different places. Your not just reading about Aithein or his parents anymore, your kinda reading about the changing of the kingdoms and what's to come.

I really enjoyed the story, and would recommend it to my fantasy loving friends. This series does really encompass the whole medieval world mixed with The Hobbit meets dark magic with some elements that remind of me fae legends. Once you read the story, you'll immediately know what I mean;).