Fun Romantic Comedy

Slightly Stalky: A Romantic Comedy Walks Into a Bar... (Slightly Series Book 1) - Amy Vansant

Slightly Stalky is exactly what it's titled as, a Romantic Comedy. It's pretty much the adventure of how Emily and Sebastian become a couple. Emily is on a mission to get Sebastians attention and his love, but some of her methods might just cross a line. The romance in this book is very sweet an real, it's pretty much what most people experience in real life. There isn't anything too fantastical or really unbelievable about it, which really caught my attention. A lot of times in romance stories the romance itself is very Disney Happily Ever After, but you don't get that in Slightly Stalky. The comedy in this book is well done as well because a lot of it is just funny happenings that we do when we're around people we like. We get kinda awkward, sometimes trip over things and make an @ss outta ourselves, but it's funny nonetheless. Emily is also extremely funny, the way she see's love and how to get what she wants is just hilarious. I could easily see this as a movie or even a TV show. As I was reading I was totally casting actors into the parts.

I'd definitely recommend to my romance buddies, specially those who like some fun thrown in. This is a lighthearted read, so its a good change of pace for readers looking for something different.