Semi-Charmed by Isabel Jordan

Semi-Charmed: (a paranormal romance) - Isabel Jordan

Harper happens to be a mouthy thirty year old gal trying to create a more stable life for herself after years of working for a secret government agency. Lucky for her, she's got valuable skills as an investigator and seer, unfortunately being female doesn't help her get jobs. This is where the tall,dark and delicious Riddick comes in. Riddicks an exslayer, but you cant really take the slayer out of this guy. It's in his blood. Together these two make a phenomenal couple and investigative team. Someone has to keep the monsters that go bump in the night inline.

I enjoyed this story a lot, it was fresh and fun, pretty much just what I needed right now. While there were obvious serious elements to this book, a lot of it was more relaxed with a good dose of humor. Of course, there were also sparks of sexual tension teasing the reader as the story continues. What I really liked though was that the story stayed on track as the relationship developed between Harper and Riddick. I didn't feel like emotions or story were sacrificed in any way. 

This is a changing point of view story. For the majority of the story you get Harper and Riddicks POV, with Harpers best friends' thoughts thrown in there every once in awhile. I thought this was a great way to tell this story because it really showcased how Riddick really worked. Normally the tall,dark and handsome guys are rough and dominant, generally asses. Riddick didn't really fit this bill entirely, so his point of view really helped to get that point across. 

I'd recommend this story to other paranormal romance lovers, and those that love a strong female lead with a attitude. 

I received this book in exchange for an honest review via the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 
My Rating:4.5 stars