ARC- City In Embers by Stacey Marie Brown

City In Embers - Stacey Marie Brown

My Review:

I was blown away by this book. I absolutely loved Zoey and Ryker along with their little buddy Sprig. 

Zoey is in her early twenties which means she's still trying to find her place in this world, she's still trying to figure out exactly who she is. Most of her life has been spent hopping from home to home, with time spent on the streets. It wasn't nice or safe anywhere Zoey happened to get placed, she was always made to be a victim, except she got tired of being one. She got tired of being targeted and being taken advantage of so she became a survivor. She lived for herself until she met Lexie, her disabled little sister. Because of Lexi, Zoey wanted to be better, she wanted to create a real life for them. This kinda leads us into the present and the current state Zoey finds herself in. She's pretending to be someone she's not all in the hopes of being better and maybe settling down with one man in particular. However, it takes a disgruntled Viking man to show her maybe the real her isn't so bad.

Ryker's past is a mystery and his future is still unwritten. He's wanted by many, feared by even more and has no idea what patience is. He's pretty much the all around alpha we've come to love in this genre. He's sexy, he's fae, and he hates humans. Yikes! Being attached to Zoey may be more dangerous for this duo than everyone else chasing him. 

The synopsis pretty much covers this story, so I'm not going to go into that. I am going to say this is a pretty gritty and violent at times Urban Fantasy that I really enjoyed. I'd recommend giving this a try, and yes, there is some sexual tension that'll drive you nuts! 

My Rating:5 of 5