Entice by Erica Crouch

Entice - Erica Crouch

Entice is a novella about Pen and Azael who are the main characters from the Ignite series. Before you read this book you really need to read the first book in the series, it will really make more sense. It's also fantastic to see the change in characters and get the backstory after reading about the present, even if that sounds funny. Sometimes it's better to go backwards instead of forward. So the correct reading order is Ignite, then Entice and finally Incite which will be out February 17th 2015. 

This story revolves around the final battle between Heaven and Hell, an what the outcome brought about. Pen and Azeal are fairly new fallen angels at this point in time, unfortunately while one twin embraces their evil nature the other wants to shun it. This creates some serious problems for the twins because anything other than total loyalty to Lucifer is grounds for execution. 

In Ignite, Azael is nothing but a shell for darkness. He revels in torture and pain, he actively seeks to destroy the world, but in this story that's not entirely the case. This story is the beginning of the end for Azael, and shows how he quickly becomes the monster we know in Ignite. Pen is majorly different as well because she still has a heart. She still misses Heaven, and longs for her old life. She isn't the closed off girl yet, but as the story progresses you see the change and how she evolves to survive. 

Entice was a pretty powerful novella. The descriptions were amazing, as I read I could easily picture what Pen saw. I also thought the characters were well written, whether they were good or bad, or simply background characters. I cheered Pen on and worried about her as her story moved along because she felt like she could be a real person. I hated Lucifer because he was just a creep and obviously a devil towards everyone. 

I will say this is a darker read, so I would recommend probably readers 16+. There is violence, swearing, etc. because of the subject matter. The story and plot are well written and flow easily which keeps you wanting more from this authors unique world. 

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.