Cold Moon Rising Review

Cold Moon Rising - Sarah Mäkelä

Kelly and Jacob are both college students who've become good friends and study buddies. It's no surprise that spending so much time together has brought up some lusty feelings, but while one is ready to embrace those feelings the other isn't. Is it any surprise that a rejection will push someone away? The real question is, will these two be able to stick together, or will evil scientists rip them apart before they can mend the fence. 


Cold Moon Rising is definitely a quick read that'll pull you in right away. I really got into Kelly and Jacobs story, I was really sad to see it end so quickly, and on a cliffhanger! I really,really,really need to know what happens to these two now. My curiosity and imagination are running wild with what will come next. 


I'd recommend to shifter lovers who just want something fun and quick. There isn't much thinking with this story so it's a nice ride of emotions. 

18+ there are sex scenes. 

I received this ecopy in exchange for an honest review from the author.