The Lament of Sky

The Lament of Sky - BB Wynter

Our main character Lilyth is suffering from amnesia, she simply can't remember who she was. She knows her name but can't recall anything more which prompts her on this journey. I'm sure Lilyth never imagined she would be on a journey that would hold such importance to not only her but the rest of the world as well. It's up to her to stop the evil guys from changing everything.


The Lament of Sky was a fascinating dark fantasy read. I enjoyed the fact this story really took me on a journey through not only the lives of our characters but through this world as well.


There was definitely a lot of time and thought spent on the wording an getting it right. I really felt like I was reading a traditional fantasy story, kinda like an old time one where you know the author toiled over it for awhile. None of the characters broke from their vernacular and suddenly started talking like a modern day person would,sometimes this does happen, which impressed me.


Overall, I enjoyed this book. The mix of characters together made for some interesting scenes and they meshed well. The story flowed naturally and I didn't get caught up in any silly unneeded scenes or get stuck with any language issues. It's a unique story that a fantasy lover would just eat up!


I received this book in exchange for an honest review.