Review: Alpha's Heir

Alpha's Heir: A BBW Paranormal Romance (Bear Shifter Billionaire) - AJ Tipton

Alpha's Heir was a fun,action packed sexy short story which I really liked. Casey and Orson were both likable characters in their own unique way. 


Casey is a sweetheart that struggles with her weight but doesn't let that hold her back from going after a sexy guy like Orson. Orson is a sexy geeky billionaire just trying to do right by his family. 


The werebears in this story wanna shuck tradition and live their own lives. They're tired of being pushed around and expected to live by medieval rules because of those rules their werebear popular is nearly decimated. Unfortunately, the current Alpha isn't willing to change and values fear tactics over brains. 


This  is very quick paced because it is a short story but you still get that romance and hot bits you normally would, just compacted. I think other werebear fans would love this because it is a bit of a twist from other stories. I'll be reading the next installment soon!