Review: The Vampires House of Pleasure Part 2

The Vampire's House of Pleasure: Part Two - Rose Wynters

When I first started with this series I figured it'd be a fun romp between the sheets type of storyline that continued on in each book. Let me tell you know, this is not the case, don't let the title fool you. This is a very well written story that covers a lot of unsavory things that happened in New Orleans back in the 1700s. 


At this point in the story Violet has finally discovered the master of the house is a vampire, which is terrifying to her. She's already dealing with being thrown back in time so running into a vampire getting some neck is pretty much the breaking point for her. This is where the story takes a turn, Violet runs through the streets in the middle of the night where a lot of horrible things happen. Violet tries to help someone out which turns out to be a huge mistake. I'm prewarning squeamish readers that very bad things are going to take place, your going to be disturbed and shocked. It'll make you cheer on Violet all the more. 


I totally applaud Wynters though, because she's made this historical paranormal romance true to the times it's supposed to take place in. She incorporates all these elements into a story that has substance and makes you want more. 


18+ This is geared for adults and covers many sensitive issues regarding race,rape and other.