Review: Accepting the Bear

Accepting the Bear (Dásreach Council Novels Book 2) - Josette Reuel

Accepting the Bear is a fun second installment in this series about special individuals who protect the world through their spirit animals. This story follows Rogue and Malkum on their journey for the truth of why so many women have been killed and who's doing it. Along the way emotions start to bubble over as Rogue starts to realize she has it bad for her grumpy bear guardian. However, Malkum keeps a solid wall between them because he's not willing to let history repeat itself.

Rogue is a strong heroine that's desperate to live life to it's fullest. She's more than ready to settle down and have a family since she's nearly done with her college courses. Rogue doesn't take anything for granted because of past health issues. Even with her past health and man troubles, Rogue still has a positive outlook on life. She's funny and bubbly but level headed when it counts.

Malkum is sorta a snot when it comes down to it. He's too busy looking backwards to see what's coming towards him. He has a fixation on not accepting his bear or Rogue as anything permanent. Malkum is the type to intimidate you and probably ignore you completely. That doesn't delude his sexiness though, which is pretty much set on high.

I enjoyed the story as a whole, I thought Rogue was a great leading lady that was able to play tricks on others but protect them when she needed to. The mystery was intriguing and kept me guessing as the story progressed which was nice. There was quite a bit of action to boot, so it wasn't all kisses and Qs. Overall, I'd recommend this story to other PNR lovers who like more focus on plot.

You do need to read the first book in this series to understand this book, do not go out of order.