Review: Netherworld

Netherworld - K.N. Lee

Koa is a young woman that's a hybrid, meaning she can survive off of a mixture of blood and food. Koa struggles to be around people and keep her inner vampire in check, which makes kicking demon arse the perfect job for her. Did I mention she wields a sword? Yes, it's very cool. The fight scenes are pretty awesome. Besides her job, she enjoys spending time with her cursed mother (bummer right?), watching movies, and crushing on her angelic boss. Up until now Koa has been able to stay off the radar of many baddies but that's all changing now that she's the target of several demons attentions.

Halston is Koas boss, best friend, and protector. It's up to him to keep not only Koa safe and inline but also to protect all of his other agents and the innocent people of Earth. Halston is pretty angelic, in my opinion, even the way he looks pretty much pegs him as one, so it's not surprising Koa has a thing for the blue eyed blond.

I really enjoyed this story because I was constantly trying to figure out what was going to happen next, but was always surprised when things took a left turn. The book wasn't as predictable as I've come to expect from books geared towards teens, which was nice. It's just a cool story with evil vampires, good vampires, demons, rampaging angels with a cutesy light love story on the side.

I think this is great for older teens and adults who dig this sorta stuff. Koa is a likable heroine that you can easily cheer on and snicker at as the story progresses. There is swearing and such with battle scenes, but it's not bad at all or overdone. Typical teen stuff.