ARC Review: Hold Me Like A Breath

Hold Me Like a Breath: Once Upon a Crime Family - Tiffany Schmidt

Penelope is a young naive girl that has severe health problems that act as chains keeping her locked up tight and away from everyone. No one is allowed to touch Penelope or speak with her about a future because she's so fragile. Being the daughter of a mafia leader should have a ton of perks but the only one she ever experiences is ordering things online.  


As the main character of this story, Penelope is very likable and easy to relate to, at least for me. I loved the fact she was just this sickly girl who could have fit into any family. She wasn't a rich tart or manipulating, she was just a normal teenager. Coming into this story I was kinda expecting Penelope to act like those "Mob Wives" chicks on television with all the attitude and flash, so this was an unexpected surprised.  Of course, I thought the health issues were horrible, however it adds a realistic note to this story.


The story itself is very well written and yet again I finished this book in less than two days. Going through the ringer with Penelope was hard because she not only dealt with serious health concerns, but also boy trouble,family issues and the desire to become something. All of which added a really great layer to this story which is essentially a bit of a love story with action.


The story goes through the motions of Penelope's life and how quickly everything can change because of one simple decision. There was some great character growth and exploration into the "what ifs" of the mafia world, and getting that rug pulled out from under you. 


The love interests in this book are all quite acceptable ;) You'll just have to read it to find out more about the men in Penelope's world and what happens with that.


Altogether this is a great story for both teens and adults. I see no reason why a fifteen or fifty year old wouldn't enjoy this. I'm already waiting for the next addition to this series!